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At 5raisins we have a unique approach to working with our key associates.

Personal Relationships

We don’t like placing anyone we don’t know of personally. If you come to us through the recommendation of others and we don’t already know you, then we will make the time to do so.

Mentoring and executive support

We don’t believe in placing people in a client and then leaving them to their own devices. The people we look to use are usually team players and motivated by working alongside other talent. Consulting alone into a client can be an isolated and unrewarding existence. So we can structure regular reviews and input from fellow associates and functional specialists to support you through your assignment.

Administrative support

We also find that the sort of people we want to work with don’t want to spend their energy on their own business administration - they’d much rather be working on clients’ problems. That’s why we provide you with advice on subjects such as; limited company creation, annual accounting and your own IT services.

If you think you have the experience and skills to support our clients then contact us through our opportunities page.

Our associate programme